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Become a scheduling coordinator

To participate in the ISO market a company must be a certified scheduling coordinator (SC) or retain the services of a certified SC to act on their behalf. Scheduling coordinators can directly bid or self-schedule resources as well as handle the settlements process.


Getting started

Before submitting a scheduling coordinator application and fee, please review the California ISO Tariff and these recommended Business Practice Manuals:

California ISO Tariff:

• Responsibilities of a Scheduling Coordinator, section 4.5
• Creditworthiness, section 12
• Pro Forma Agreements - Scheduling Coordinator Agreement, Appendix B.1

Business practice manuals:

Scheduling Coordinator Certification and Termination
Credit Management and Market Clearing

SC application

The scheduling coordinator application is located within the Scheduling Coordinator Certification and Termination Business Practice Manual, Attachments B and C. For assistance, please send an email to SCRequests@caiso.com

SC certification requirements

The Scheduling Coordinator Certification Overview document is a summary of the SC certification requirements and provides steps for SC application submittal. For additional information and detail, please refer to the Business Practice Manual for Scheduling Coordinator Certification and Termination.

When a scheduling coordinator application and fee are accepted, a qualified certification specialist will provide a requirements checklist and assist the applicant through the certification process. For assistance, please email SCRequests@caiso.com

Agreements and information request sheets

Agreements to adhere to the SC requirements and standards.  Please provide required information to initiate certification, meter service and network connectivity agreements early in the process. 

Credit policy

The BPM for Credit Management and Market Clearing describes the credit-related policies and processes used to protect the financial integrity and effectiveness of ISO markets.

Application access

There are many different applications used by SCs to participate in the market.  The ISO and its market participants must adhere to rigorous requirements to help ensure the integrity and confidentiality of commercially sensitive or proprietary information and data, as well as to protect the ISO grid and its assets.

Letter templates

The ISO requires specific letter notifications any time resources are assigned to a SC or there are requested changes to SC identifications.


Training programs and courses to help SCs understand how to do business with the ISO and make interactions more efficient and effective.

Certification technical information

Guides to help interconnect to the data network to participate in the market.

Metering and telemetry
The ISO facilitates the timely installation and certification of revenue metering, as well as telemetry for participating generating units.

Marginal losses adjustment certification

The process to establish eligibility to receive marginal loss adjustments.