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​Getting started - exploring interconnection to the grid

The ISO provides open and non-discriminatory access to the transmission grid and wholesale power market for all resource types. Learn what it means to interconnect to the grid, how and where to begin the process and how to sell power to the grid once your resource is interconnected.

Start with familiarizing yourself with the ISO


Learn the basics about interconnecting with the ISO
Learn how and where to begin your interconnection with the ISO grid. Here are the rules and processes that an energy resource provider must follow in order to connect generators and other resources onto the electricity grid.

Get to know the ISO with the Welcome to the ISO class
Register for the Welcome to the ISO class and gain a basic understanding of the California Independent System Operator by participating in this quarterly webinar. After the session, you will receive a toolkit providing web links to more information on each topic.
Resource interconnection frequently asked questions
Questions and answers regarding the new resource interconnection process.

Understand the interconnection process

Submit a request to interconnect

Participate in an interconnection study

Complete interconnection agreements

Follow the new resource implementation process

Already connected?

Qualified Facilities
If you are already connected to the grid as a qualifying cogeneration facility or small power production facility find out about requirements unique to qualified facilities and follow this process to join the ISO market.

Interconnected Resources seeking market to sell power - learn more here
These may include resources already interconnected but not yet participating in the wholesale power market, or distribution level interconnected resources seeking wholesale market participation.

Demand Response providers - learn more here 
Demand response providers that can aggregate customers capable of reducing their electric demand (load) can participate in the ISO day-ahead, real-time and ancillary services markets as a Proxy Demand Resource (PDR) or Reliability Demand Response Resource (RDRR) provider.