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We keep a close watch on our markets

The ISO Department of Market Monitoring keeps a close watch on the efficiency and effectiveness of the ancillary service, congestion management and real-time spot markets.  


To maintain an open and competitive market, no participant should be able to take unfair advantage of the rules or procedures or concentrate market power and inhibit competition. 

Market Abuse Hotline

The market abuse hotline enables any market participant or member of the public to report to the Department of Market Monitoring suspected market abuses.

Market issues and performance reports

We provide annual and quarterly reports on market issues and performance. 

Market monitoring reports and presentations

Analysis materials produced by the ISO market monitoring staff regarding performance of the markets. 

Market monitoring archive





ISO tariff reference
The relevant sections discussing the ISO Department of Market Monitoring and Market Surveillance Committee can be found in Appendices O and P of the ISO Tariff. 

Market Surveillance Committee

The Department of Market Monitoring works closely with the ISO Market Surveillance Committee — an independent advisory group of industry experts that makes recommendations regarding the efficient operation of the markets to the ISO Board of Governors. To ensure independence, none of its members are affiliated with — or have any financial interest in — any market participant. Their charter allows them to suggest changes in rules and protocols or recommend sanctions or penalties directly to the Board.