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​Release planning analyzes the impact of initiatives

The release planning process assesses market initiative implementation impacts to determine target timeframes, project milestones and other resource considerations. It is a collaborative process between the ISO and market participants to optimize the costs and benefits of the implementation approach prior to committing resources.

  • Technical user group web conferences
    Monthly discussion forum for participants to brainstorm and evaluate solutions for technology and process based problems for ISO development of prioritized implementation roadmaps. The group covers technical topics including process and technology design, implementation and evolution, and identifies and evaluates resolutions for technical issues. This forum will not discuss release dates, release plans, project status or policy.
    • 2017
  • Release user group web conferences
    Biweekly forum for market initiatives to discuss project milestones and deliverables. Projects are managed through the Master Stakeholder Engagement Plan and follow a standard project lifecycle. Major releases occur twice a year with monthly releases for smaller enhancements.
  • Market performance and planning forum
    Bimonthly forum that engages stakeholders in review of market performance issues and in high level dialogue on release planning, implementation and new market enhancements.
    • Market performance and planning forum 2017

2017 releases

  • Winter 2017 release
    • Resource modeling and EIM enhancements 2017
    • Draft settlements technical documentation
    • Energy Imbalance Market - Idaho Power
    • Market simulation status communications - winter 2017 release
    • CMRI technical specifications
    • Reliability services initiative 2017 - implementation
    • Energy Imbalance Market enhancements winter 2017

2018 releases


Release planning archive